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The Chairman of the companies( late ) Mian Anwar Elahi established an industrial unit in 1968 for the manufacturing Synthetic Leather & Plastic sheets in Sialkot. He established a new factory in Lahore/ Sheikhupura Road in 1976and installed most modern plant of Japan Origin capable of manufacturing varieties of synthetic leather. In 1989 a new plant was imported from U.K for the manufacturing Flocked fabric, widely used for children garments, Jewelry Boxes & Ladies Shoes. Realizing the growing demand of high quality product. Chairman of the company imported various plants during 1990 to 2011 from U.K, Germany and Italy. In 2003 a new plant for manufacturing of PU shoe/soles was imported from Italy which was doubled in 2008 producing five million pairs of Shoes & Soles per Annum. By virtue of hard work and 55 year experience of AHN Group of industries established strong hold in the local market and export oriented industries.

AHN Synthetic (Pvt) limited established by its Chairman, (Late) Mian Anwar Elahi in 1968 for the manufacturing of Synthetic Leather and Plastic Sheets in Sialkot with the name of Crescent Art Fabrics (Pvt) Limited (CAF).

In 1976, the manufacturing unit shifted at Lahore-Sheikhupura Road with most modern plant from Japan, capable of manufacturing varieties of Synthetic Leather.

In 1989, with the addition of a new plant imported from the United Kingdom, the Company entered into the manufacturing of Flocked Fabric that is widely used in Children Garments, Jewelry Boxes, and Ladies Shoes.

The Chairman of the company realized the growing demand for High-Quality Synthetic Leather Products. To cater to the needs of the growing demand of the products, the company imported various state-of-the-art plants from Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and China during 1990 to 2001.

In 2012 & 2013, the company installed a new unit for the manufacturing of High-Quality PVC Synthetic Leather, PU/PVC Synthetic Leather, and Plastic sheets.

By the virtue of hard work and 55 years of experience, AHN Synthetic (Pvt) Limited (Formerly Crescent Art Fabrics (Pvt) Limited) established its strong footsteps. Industries like footwear, Sports Goods, Garments, Furniture, and involved in making seat covers of all types of vehicles.


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